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Once upon a time...


In 1873 Louis Nollet (1819-1899), who was priest in Westouter, went to pelgrimage to Lourdes in France. He was one of the first pilgrims from Flanders. When he came back, he also wanted to build a grotto of Lourdes on top of the Rodeberg.
In 1875 they finished the grotto, which was build in natural stones from the region.

On the 9th of July 1875, the place was consecrated by the abbot of The Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren.

In 1877, a house was build by E.H. Nollet, for the lady who took care of the property and sold candles and devoted objects.

Since 1997, 't Kapelhuis has been rented as a holiday cottage.

Today the cottage has been renovated from top to bottom and is decorated and furnished to a high standard with all the modern conveniences to make your visit to Flanders most relaxing and enjoyable.

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O.L.V. of Lourdes with E.H. L. Nollet (1882)kapelhuis1882


Kapelhuis (1935)kapelhuiszonderbomen

Kapelhuis on top of Rodeberg. Beginning 1900.kapelhuisrodebergstraat