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Surroundings Grimminckhof :

Grimminckhof - Duivinnestraat 1 A - 8970 Poperinge
Flanders - Belgium

gh roels10There are approximately 178 breweries in Belgium, and not less than 5 are situated around Poperinge. In the Abbey of Saint Sixtus, only 2 miles away from the cottage, the Westvleteren "Trappist", the best beer in the world, is sold exclusively at the abbey store. The other breweries can be visited by reservation.

In Poperinge, traditional pub games have certainly outlived the more modern forms of recreation. How about a set of pullepinnen, sjoelbak, pudespel, boltra? Make an iternary in which you make a number of stops in cosy pubs dotted in the countryside where you enjoy these games over a local real ale, a sandwich, pancakes...

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