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Surroundings 't Kapelhuis :

't Kapelhuis - Rodebergstraat 23- 8954 Westouter (Heuvelland)
Flanders - Belgium

't Kapelhuis is surrounded by woodland, on top of the Rodeberg (Red hill) in Westouter ( district Heuvelland) in Flanders, Belgium, just along the French border.

Holiday Cottage 't Kapelhuis is a detached house, with a closed garden. From the terrace, the sunsets and the view are really fantastic and it makes a perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. It is even within walking distance of a popular pub.
The house is part of a big property, and has been build end of 1800.

We lay besides a horse riding school, for those who like to ride horse is this a perfect availability.

Heuvelland is, as the name suggests, a municipality with many hills and slopes. Ideal for mountain bikers. Heuvelland has three routes fully designed for all-terrain bicycles, good for many hours of mountain biking pleasure.
Recently, the Westhoek Bicycle Network came into being. Using a grid map with numbered routes and junctions, you can explore the region through routes you have selected yourself. Rectangular signs keep you on the right track. No matter which route you pick, the network will guide you to the most beautiful corners of the region on low-traffic and traffic-free roads. You make it as long and as difficult a trip as you like.

A beautiful municipality such as Heuvelland can of course also be discovered on foot. Heuvelland is a true hiker’s paradise. With the Heuvelland Hiking Network you can discover the region through numbered routes and junctions on your own for no less than 100 kilometres. For those who prefer the classic loop-shaped hiking trails, there are five routes in Heuvelland.

On various hills, you can also find the vineyards, who take advantage of the sunny south sides.

There is also a lot to discover in nature. Nature guides can guide you through the most beautiful woods and nature reserves. And there are many: the Eeuwenhout in Dranouter, the Sulferberg reserve and the Broekelzen in Westouter, Provincial Domain De Kemmelberg in Kemmel or the Hellegat woods that cover the top and the northern and western slopes of the Rodeberg.

There are visible traces of the First World War. The dividing line between the German aggressor and the allied troops went straight through Heuvelland. The bloodiest feat of arms on the Heuvelland territory were the Battle of Messines in Wijtschate (June 1917) and the Battle for the Kemmelberg in April 1918. The numerous bunkers, mine craters, military cemeteries, war monuments, and so on, are enduring scars. The 30 British military cemeteries in the different boroughs, the French monument and the mass grave on the Kemmelberg, the Pool of Peace in Wijtschate and the grave of the British major William Redmond in Loker are places that gives you pause for thought. The First World War becomes very vivid in the bunkers of the Lettenberg in Kemmel and on the German site of Bayernwald in Wijtschate.

Do you enjoy good food and drink? Here you can feast on a multitude of foods and drinks.
Have a picon or get acquainted with a local speciality: oven pastries with Heuvelland paté or traditional honey from Westouter and Wulvergem, tart from Dranouter, Gapers pie from Kemmel, Beggar’s sausage from Nieuwkerke, Eeuwenhout herb liqueur, a Den Mesenaere beer from Wijtschate, a tongue-caressing Heuvelland wine, the mysterious Hillander, etc.

We can also deservedly be proud of our chefs. The young manager of the ‘In de Wulf’ in Dranouter is the 27-year-old Kobe Desramault. When his restaurant received a Michelin star the end of 2005, he instantly became the youngest star chef in the country.
Hotel-restaurant Hostellerie Kemmelberg in Kemmel has a female chef. Solange Bentin became the Lady Chef of the Year in 2000 and will pamper you culinary with light and creative preparations.

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